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NRCan Incentive Offers a Head Start on Preparing Your Building for Electric Transportation

The government of Canada is steadily moving towards electrifying our transportation sector. A report published by Clean Energy Canada in partnership with Navius Research predicts that electric vehicles will make up nearly half of new car sales in 2030. What this means for property managers and owners in Ontario, is a steady increase in demand for charging stations as electric car sales reach 50,000 new cars sold a year by 2025. We could see 150,000 new electric cars on Ontario roads by the end of 2025 in addition to the 46,000 existing vehicles.

If you have a Tesla owner in your building, chances are they have already asked you for an EV charger connection in their parking spot. Tesla has sold over 25,000 of their popular model 3 in Canada since sales started in May 2008 and will continue to push EV car sales in Canada.

Electric Vehicle Charging
Electric Vehicle Charging (Electric Autonomy Canada)

As detailed in our previous blog post, the government of Canada is launching an incentive program to assist with building the infrastructure needed to support the EV sales growth. The Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) covers up to 50% of the project cost.



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