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Reduce Your Energy Costs Through a Time Limited Offer on Energy Audits/Assessments

Natural Resources Canada and the IESO through Save On Energy are partnering together to help small businesses reduce their energy costs. In this limited time offer small businesses can apply for funding for 75% of the cost of an energy audit/assessment up to $5,000. This program has limited funding and is considering applicants on a first come, first-served basis, so be sure to contact us before its too late.

Energy Savings
Energy Savings

Applicant Requirements:

  • Be a small or medium-sized enterprise with fewer than 500 employees

  • Own/manage facilities connected directly or indirectly to the grid in Ontario

  • Commit to reducing total annual facility consumption by 3% through a combination of electricity and natural gas reduction measures*

  • Have a total annual electricity consumption greater than 2,500,000 kWh and total annual natural gas consumption of 200,000 m3, or a combined annual energy consumption of 16,500 GJ* **

  • Businesses registered in the Output-Based Pricing System in the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act are not eligible

  • Participants in the program may not opt into the Output-Based Pricing System for the duration of their participation in this offering.

* This requirement does not apply to businesses interested in applying for the Energy Assessment incentive.

** The individual minimum annual consumption thresholds are not binding. At our sole discretion, the IESO will consider applicants who meet all other requirements and are believed to offer suitable energy-savings potential.

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