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About Mann Energy Solutions (MES)

MES is a professional consulting engineering company that specializes in electrical service, including engineering and implementation. Our firm has hundreds of installed energy projects and we have been in business since 1983.

MES's team of financial, engineering, construction and project management professionals has developed a structured approach that allows building owners to take advantage of alternative energy solutions to provide reliable, highly efficient, cost-effective on-site power generation and/or energy storage. We use quality equipment from reputable suppliers to deliver the best technology at the most competitive prices.  MES offers a significantly more economical alternative to your existing, and growing, electricity costs.

Construction Engineer


We offer the following accreditations;


  1. Licensed by the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO)

  2. Registered with PEO to offer consulting engineering services to the public

  3. Covered with Professional Liability Insurance

  4. Registered with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)

  5. Covered with comprehensive construction liability insurance

  6. Full in-house electrical construction capability

  7. Full in-house 24-7 service

  8. Established in 1983

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