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How Many EVs Are Out There? Canada's Road to Electrification

In recent years EVs have become a common sight on the roads due to their growing popularity. Each year electric vehicle sales increase, moving the country closer and closer to its sales goal of 100% zero emission vehicles by 2035. This change has been a long time coming and the path to electrification will require changes to both lifestyle and infrastructure.

Canada's roads are due for major change as we move closer to 100% EV sales by 2035
Canada's roads are due for major change as we move closer to 100% EV sales by 2035

According to Transport Canada's predictions there could be:

  • 1.4 million ZEVs on the road by 2026 (about 5% of total light-duty vehicles on the road)

  • 4.6 million on the road by 2030 (about 16% of total light-duty vehicles on the road)

  • 12.4 million on the road by 2035 (about 40% of total light-duty vehicles on the road)

This will be even more noticeable in provinces with higher EV adoption rates such as British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario where the proportion of new EV registrations can be more than double other provinces and the total EV new registrations is over thirty times larger. As more drivers adopt EVs and consider them in the near future, EV charging availability is becoming an increasingly key factor in residents choosing where to live. A report by Natural Resources Canada and Dunsky predicts that between 2%-15% MURBs will have access to home charging by 2025, making EV charging a strong marketing point. It is important to get infrastructure in place now and to choose a scalable EV charging system to quickly and economically adapt to growing demand as more EVs arrive.

EV charging is also useful outside of MURBs as destination charging is perfect for improving business and publicity as EV users will prefer locations such as retail and recreation that offer charging.

How We Can Help

Not sure where to start? If you are interested in EV charging for your building, have your tenants/building users fill out our building user survey to get an idea of how many chargers are needed now and in the near future to plan accordingly.

Mann Energy Solutions (MES) is a professional consulting engineering company that specializes in electrical and energy solutions, including engineering and implementation. Our experienced engineers can help work with your building’s unique profile to identify spare electrical capacity, energy saving opportunities, and design the best system for you. We have extensive experience with energy retrofits that make the most of your existing electrical capacity by optimizing building processes and equipment such as lighting, mechanical systems, electrical loads, and building envelope to reduce your energy use.

Our firm has hundreds of installed electrical and power projects and we have been in business since 1983. Some of our services include:

  • Free site walk-through by our experienced engineers and technicians to provide an initial site assessment

  • Engineering feasibility studies

  • Incentive study and application

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for a turnkey project

  • Coordination with utilities for distribution system upgrades, service size expansions, and microgeneration through solar PV and cogeneration

For more information or a complimentary assessment contact us through the main site,, or call (905) 597-5855.



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