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Looking Abroad and Ahead: Canada's Future with EV

Although Canada has made big pushes for EV, it is still in its early stages compared to other parts of the world. By looking at more mature EV environments like Europe and China overseas, and even California in the States we can get an idea of our future with EVs could be like.

Canada's sparse public charging availability is one of the factors holding it back from higher EV rankings.
Canada's sparse public charging availability is one of the factors holding it back from higher EV rankings.

Maturity Metrics

To measure EV maturity, organizations rank countries according to several metrics including:

  • EV uptake relative to the population, EV market share

  • Public chargers relative to the population and EV registrations, availability of fast chargers relative to the size of highways

  • Government incentives, energy prices, monthly rental of lease vehicle

These metrics are then combined into a total score to compare countries.

Canada's Place on the EV Ladder

In one EV Readiness Index Canada ranked highly in regulations due to its EV sales mandate, but ranked poorly for supply and demand due to its lack of charging infrastructure and EV models available. This resulted in Canada placing 8th out of the 10 countries included. Compared to top ranking countries in that report and others, we have a long way to go but are a few key steps away from being on the right track.

Depending on the province EV adoption rates vary widely, owing to inconsistent EV incentives and public charging coverage across provinces. As of 2020, Canada has about 0.06 public chargers per EV compared to China with more than double at about 0.17 and Netherlands with about 0.22. However with the ongoing ZEVIP increasing the number of chargers and more EV models becoming available, all that's missing are stronger EV incentives from the provinces and the federal government before we see an increase in EV market share.

With the eventual increase in EVs on the road and EV charging demand, it is important to manage building demand and to plan for flexibility in the future.

How We Can Help

Not sure where to start? If you are interested in EV charging for your building, have your tenants/building users fill out our building user survey to get an idea of how many chargers are needed now and in the near future to plan accordingly.

Mann Energy Solutions (MES) is a professional consulting engineering company that specializes in electrical and energy solutions, including engineering and implementation. Our experienced engineers can help work with your building’s unique profile to identify spare electrical capacity, energy saving opportunities, and design the best system for you. We have extensive experience with energy retrofits that make the most of your existing electrical capacity by optimizing building processes and equipment such as lighting, mechanical systems, electrical loads, and building envelope to reduce your energy use.

Our firm has hundreds of installed electrical and power projects and we have been in business since 1983. Some of our services include:

  • Free site walk-through by our experienced engineers and technicians to provide an initial site assessment

  • Engineering feasibility studies

  • Incentive study and application

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for a turnkey project

  • Coordination with utilities for distribution system upgrades, service size expansions, and microgeneration through solar PV and cogeneration

For more information or a complimentary assessment contact us through the main site,, or call (905) 597-5855.

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