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Looking Ahead in Transportation: Canada to Invest Billions in Zero Emission Vehicle Industry

As part of Canada's 2022 federal budget over $3 billion has been committed to zero emission vehicle (ZEV) incentives, infrastructure, and medium/heavy freight over the next 5 years. This builds onto the country's previous investments that laid the ground work for ZEVs with a focus on charging infrastructure and consumer incentives while setting up standards and regulations for ZEV freight and fleet.

Canada's continued commitment to ZEVs is made clear in the 2022 federal budget with one of the largest investments in the ZEV industry in the past few years.
Canada's continued commitment to ZEVs is made clear in the 2022 federal budget with one of the largest investments in the ZEV industry in the past few years.

Recent Years: Setting things up

Over the past 3 years, Canada has been laying the foundations to support the growing EV industry through several main avenues including: regulations and standards, manufacturing, infrastructure, and consumer incentives. Listed below are some investments:

  • Regulations: Canada has committed over $56 million over 5 years starting in 2021 to Measurement Canada standards and regulations for ZEV charging and refueling stations.

  • Manufacturing: in 2019 $805 million were budgeted for Transport Canada and the Strategic Innovation Fund to help ZEV manufacturers meet sales goals, meet growing demands, and create new jobs.

  • Infrastructure: with $130 million for ZEV charging and refueling stations in urban areas.

  • Incentives: 2019 introduced the federal ZEV incentive with $300 million over 3 years.

While much of the previous budgets were put towards Regulations and Manufacturing, things the general public doesn't see, in the 2022 federal budget we see the shift to a more developed EV environment.

2022 and Beyond

In the 2022 budget, we see the same budget categories but with more of a focus on public EV adoption through more incentive and infrastructure funding over the next few years:

  • Incentives: over $1.7 billion are being invested in the federal ZEV incentive for passenger vehicles and $547.5 million to Transport Canada for medium-heavy duty ZEVs

  • Infrastructure: $900 million for ZEV charging and refueling stations for both urban and remote areas, with an additional $2.2 million for government infrastructure in particular

Along with the new incentives for medium-heavy duty ZEVs, new regulations are being developed to standardize safety and testing, further cementing the country's commitment to electrifying its roads.

  • Regulations: $233.4 million for Green Freight and fleets standards and regulations.

  • Manufacturing: $8 billion for the Net Zero Accelerator Initiative which supports clean technology including batteries.

With the largest investment into ZEVs in recent years, the next few years are set to be a turning point in Canada's EV industry and environment. Public places, workplaces, and especially residences will see an increase in EV use and charging demand, putting a strain on electrical infrastructure and unprepared building owners.

How We Can Help

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