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NRCan Incentive for EV Charging Stations

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) will be rolling out the much needed Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure (ZEVI) incentive program early next year. It is sponsored by NRCan and aims to cover 50% of the cost of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations for workplaces (commercial or industrial buildings), multi-residential buildings, public places and many others. We will be working with our clients to help them provide this important service for their customers, and utilize the incentive program with peace of mind.

Electric Vehicle Charging
Electric Vehicle Charging

Outlined below are the key services we provide to our clients:

  1. Data gathering: a. Site visit by engineers b. Determine the requirements and goals; number of charging stations needed, types, and locations.

  2. Feasibility Study: a. Assessment of building energy use profile b. Pre-assessment and consulting with LDC to determine if it has spare capacity to supply the additional power for the property c. Provision of EV charging stations system options with comparison of various configurations and power capacities d. Preliminary financial analysis including annual cost, cost saving options, maintenance, capital cost and financing options

  3. Incentive program application: Apply on behalf of our clients to the incentive program

  4. Construction Contract options: Turnkey (Procure, construct, commission and project manage) contract or Project Management only contract

  5. Operation and Maintenance contract options: Maintenance, emergency services and monitoring of EVCS stations for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

The initial steps (1- 3) can be done immediately and will be required to apply for the incentive program.

For more information on the ZEVI program, visit the NRCan program page.



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