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Reopening HVAC Improvements

The novel Coronavirus will remain a threat until a vaccine is developed. As professional engineers specializing in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) since 1983, we are here to help our customers with the additional safety measures they need to maintain a safe business environment in the age of the pandemic. One of the main areas of focus for building operators and businesses is having safe air circulation in their buildings by preventing or reducing the circulation of infectious particles in the air.

Public Health Ontario is recommending increasing outside air as a mitigation measure. While this might be possible in the early fall and late spring, throughout most of the year, it is a difficult measure to implement.

Before embarking on an ADHOC solution that could send energy bills skyrocketing or damage your HVAC system, we are offering our clients our expert advice at an affordable price to make sure they select the safest and most economical approach.

Our offer consists of a site visit by our HVAC engineers, a high-level report with financial analysis of the different options that are compatible with the existing HVAC system. Once a solution is arrived, we can implement the full solution including engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) as one stop shop at no hassles to the clients.

A holistic approach will mitigate your potential risks for the readiness of reopening, and provide peace of mind to the public. We are here to help our customers and the public.

Email us today at or fill out an inquiry form at our site:


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