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Lower Electricity Prices in Ontario Under RPP

As part of Ontario's planned changes to the 2021 energy budget, starting January 1, 2021 the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) electricity rates will be lowered along with the Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER).

New RPP Prices

The table below lists the Time of Use (TOU) prices set for 2021:

RPP TOU 2021 Prices
RPP TOU 2021 Prices

The table below lists the Tiered prices set for 2021:

RPP Tiered 2021 Prices
RPP Tiered 2021 Prices

New OER Rate

The Ontario Electricity Rebate, a pre-tax credit that is applied to electricity bills, will also be lowered from 33.2% to 21.2%.

What Does This Mean?

With both RPP Prices and the OER reduced, the government hopes that typical residential consumers and small businesses do not see much of a change in their energy costs. However for larger consumers or those with atypical usage patterns, they may see more noticeable changes.

For more information, see the OEB News Release.


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